An excellent collection of historical maps of the world, the United States, and Alabama. This website is useful for teaching the concept of how and why maps change over periods of time.

This website is one of the best collections of maps anywhere on the web. It has physical, political, and thematic maps of almost any country and includes a search engine.

A really cool little website called Geonet with quizzes about all of the major continents.

A wonderful website that explores population trends around the world. This website has pictures and quizzes.

Map quizzes for countries - good for practice.

The website for the Wildlife Conservation Society. Interesting maps and news.

The world as you have never seen it before. At least that is what it says on the website.

A website that helps you visualize birth rates, death rates, and carbon emissions.

The best website for data visualization. Trust me, this will make you view things in a whole new way.

Great website for study strategies